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    Beitrag Anpassungen am Beherrschungspfad für Schlachtzüge

    Guild Wars 2 News
    Anpassungen am Beherrschungspfad für Schlachtzüge
    Guild Wars 2 - News

    Auf reddit hat Brenda, ein Mitglied des Raidteams, einige Neuigkeiten für uns.

    • Der Beherrschungspfad  für Schlachtzüge wird zu Beginn versteckt sein.

    • Wer keine Raidbosse legt, schaltet ihn nicht frei und kann nach Abschluss der anderen Pfade wieder Geisterscherben sammeln.

    • Wer den Pfad freischaltet, muss ihn abschießen, um Geisterscherben sammeln zu können.

    • PoF-Schlachtzüge erhalten keinen eigenen Pfad.


    "Hey folks! That's some good points you've made. I want to clarify some stuff I guess for sake of conversation, but also for edification. Because I like interacting with you guys and why not?

    First thing: with the next raid release, the HoT Raid Mastery Track will be hidden just like the Griffon track. They can be unlocked the same as always: by completing any raid event. We understand that some people don't want to do raids, but want their delicious Spirit Shards. So let's fix that.

    I'm going to sort of meander at this point because I haven't had breakfast yet. I'm so hungry

    Fractals are part of Core Tyria (meaning base game, no expansion necessary). That is why the mastery track is separate. It has always been part of Core Tyria, and it always will be. Full stop. Raids are expansion content only. The Raid Mastery Track under HoT will always require owning HoT to utilize. At this point in time, I don't see that changing.

    PoF raids will not have a mastery track. We learned very quickly as a company that:

    • 1) good masteries are hard to design.
    • 1a) if you create a good mastery, why lock it behind a raid?
    • 2) it's better to use open world masteries inside of raid content.

    The Raid mastery track was locked for one simple reason: we wanted players to have to start playing the content before they could farm and max out their masteries. Sure, go level them up in events afterwards, but don't go into the content full prepped without having done it at all.

    The track wasn't hidden like Griffon because that tech didn't exist. It does now, so we're enabling it. It sucks for some people that have it unlocked, but it is what it is.

    I hope that answers some of the questions/comments I read, and I'm happy to answer any more you may have.... Within reason. Everyone likes some surprises. Jeeze, Brenda."

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    1a) if you create a good mastery, why lock it behind a raid?

    == 1a)b) if you create a good versatile armor with changeable stats, why lock it (>>NOT<<) behind a raid?

    Das ist Konsequenz bei ANet.
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