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Größere Marketingaktion im Februar? Verbesserte Videos für LW4
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Mike Silbowitz, Leiter des glonalen Marketings, bedankt sich für die vielen Antregungen und die fruchtbare Diskussion mit den Fans. Wir sollen am Freitag den Guild Chat anschauen. Dort soll es eienen Hinweis geben wie Atrenanet im Februar seien Community feiert. Es wird in Zukunft auch bessser gestaltete Videos zu neuen LW4-Episoden geben.

"Over the last few months I’ve had the chance to talk directly with many of you through our official forums and Reddit. It’s been amazing connecting directly with all of you and I want that to continue as you see what we’re doing.

With that in mind, tune in to Guild Chat this Friday, February 2nd @ 12:00 Noon Pacific Time to get a glimpse of how we’ll be celebrating our community in the coming month.

Thanks for your support and as always I’m looking forward to hearing your constructive feedback.

Mike Silbowitz a.k.a "Sibs"
Head of Global Marketing @ ArenaNet
Reddit: AnetHoGM"

"I really hope our future trailer releases will be more informative and spark more excitement."

"Not rude at all. When I say Marketing in the Subject and speak about celebrating the community I do mean both. I ask for an open mind for the month of February when you see what we have planned. This is about the community in a way that I think will give our community something they can point out to there friends and say "this is why I play GW2". I really hope you will see the value of everything we are doing in February.

We are ALSO putting together new creative, videos and trailers that will market and promote the gameplay, art, and beauty of the world. This is already in the works and I promise it is exactly what you are describing as a need for the marketing. :-)

As the February campaign rolls out please let me know your honest constructive feedback while keeping in mind that we are going to give you everything you have detailed over time and then some."


"I am honestly very eager to hear what you think. Friday kicks off the month long campaign. Videos around this specific campaign to follow mid month. Please stay in touch."


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